Friday, February 27, 2009

Alltell Stats Just In

01/03/09 - 02/02/2009

Incoming text messages = 10,030

Outgoing text messages = 8,761

Premium Download charges = $54.88
Gucci Bandana
Kiss Me Thru the Phone
47941 - Too Lazy for $9.99
Cleveland Cavs Team Logo
Colts Helmet
Turnin Me On Lil Wayne verse
Camera phone
41463 - Gamerdata for $9.99

Total Phone charge = $83.15

Not too bad. See ya. Have a good weekend. I will be at the office shreading. That's the only way to pay for a bill like this.

1 comment:

TJ said...

man im sorry but 83 freakin dollars for a cell phone bill is just stupid. i mean maybe if you were actually using the phone for your job or something and needed emergency internet airtime minutes to complete a report, but all the stuff that racked up that ridiculous bill is just garbage. you should be ashamed that you cost your mother and father 83 extra dollars out of their hard working pockets to download dumb ringtones when the phone already comes with ample choices. maybe you could donate those 83 dollars next month to a family that isnt fortunate enough to have a cell phone.